Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis is the process of monitoring the condition of machinery, and the diagnosis of faults through the measurement and analysis of vibration within that machine. Typically conducted through hand-held or permanently positioned accelerometers placed on key measurement points on the equipment. Commonly used on most large items of rotating equipment, such as turbines, pumps, motors, gearboxes, fans, agitators, etc.

The Complex made simple
Each machine has unique vibration characteristics, based on the runspeed and specific geometry.

With information, such as gear tooth count, bearing mfg and model number, vane or blade count, we can determine the exact faculty component.

The key to any successful predictive maintenance program is trending. With regular periodic monitoring, the analyst gets to know the specific machinery and quickly becomes aware of any changes.

It is then that the machine is looked at a little closer, reports are generated and repairs can be scheduled.

Proactive Maintenance?
We spend alot of time talking about predicting your maintenance needs. What we don't spend enough time on is discussing what we feel is the most important part, the part that could take your program to World Class status, Proactive Maintenance. That is where we start to shine. Our analyst begin identifying problems early on, before component failure starts. Through advanced analysis techniques we can determine the potential Root-Cause of future problems. By making lower cost repairs earlier, component replacement may not be needed in the near future.

Return on Investment. This is the bottom line. By preventing startup failures, making proactive repairs or performing permission maintenance in the beginning or along the way, you can extend the life of your critical machinery. Equipment that runs at its peak condition runs longer and cost less to maintain.

The average ROI in industry today is 7:1. But depending on your process we have seen this exceed 35:1. This is an investment that you shouldn't overlook. Maintenance departments could begin to look like profit centers, not just cost centers and a necessary evil.


A Signal
Collected In
Field Analyzer
Technician Analyzes Data

Our experienced technicians are capable of collecting vibration data from a site specific location and analyzing any exception faults in the equipment. A condition and recommendations report are detailed for each exception. The vibration data can reveal many condition faults such as rotor imbalance, misalignment, loose conditions, bearing deterioration and others.

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