Ultrasonic Analysis

Ultrasonic instruments are sensitive to sounds beyond the limits of normal human hearing. An ultrasonic detector translates ultrasonic signals to the range of human hearing. Ultrasound instrument technology can tune-in to and "hear" faults in electric transmission and distribution systems, and in operating machinery, as well as leaks in vacuum or pressurized systems.

Electrical systems, fluid and gas systems, and working machinery all produce constant ultrasonic patterns. Changes in the sonic signatures can be readily recognized as loose connections, faulty equipment, or wear in components. An ultrasonic detector senses subtle changes in the ultrasonic signature of a component and pinpoints potential sources of failure before they can cause costly damage.

The most effective industrial applications are detecting leaks in pressurized or vacuum systems, inspecting steam traps, mechanical analysis (especially bearings), inspecting valves, and electrical corona or discharge detection.

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