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Predictive Maintenance is one of the four maintenance philosophies available to ensure the reliability of any asset. It ensures that the asset can fulfill its function and it focuses primarily on maintaining equipment based on its known condition. Each of these strategies: reactive, preventative, and predictive has a place in an optimized maintenance plan, the distribution of the mix being dependent on many factors.

Predictive maintenance is often the most attractive concept, since action is only taken when the asset shows a progression of failure, making it a cost effective option.

There are a number of benefits to utilizing a PdM program that include:

  • Increased motivation of the workforce through increased competency.
  • Equipment may be shut down before severe and secondary damage occurs or can be run to failure if required.
  • Production can be modified to extend the asset's life i.e. until the next planned shutdown.
  • Required maintenance work can be planned.

All of the above lead to increased safety, plant output, and availability and lead to improvements in final product quality.

Condition monitoring facilitates Predictive Maintenance. We subscribe to a multi-technology approach to condition monitoring, where vibration analysis, oil analysis, ultrasonic leak detection, balancing, alignment, infrared thermography, performance analysis and inspection tasks all provide necessary input.

Condition monitoring is a knowledge-based activity, so for it to be successful and sustainable, we subscribe to comprehensive skills training. Any successful predictive maintenance program, not only has a technology element, but also a human element where experience and education come together. It is this human element that PEMCo Predictive Technologies pride's itself. We are not just another contractor - we are your partners and co-workers!

PEMCo Predictive Technologies is well experienced to assist in developing and optimizing Predictive Maintenance Programs. We offer the following services:

  • A PDM assessment of your program.
  • Development of an overall PDM strategy for your plant.
  • Condition monitoring technology selection and implementation.
  • Training.
  • Development of a benefit modeling and accounting system for predictive maintenance.
  • Condition monitoring services.
  • Specific root cause failure analysis investigations
  • Corrective services


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