Infrared Analysis (Thermography)

Thermography, or thermal imaging as it is sometimes called, is a condition monitoring technique that measures the radiant heat pattern which is emitted from a body, such as machinery or plant equipment, to determine regions or points of increased, or reduced, heat emission, which can indicate the presence of a fault in the body.

Electrical Survey

High Voltage

Infrared as it is commonly called, is an extremely versatile and powerful condition Non-contact thermal monitoring tool.

This heat can be recorded, quantified, and diagnosed as either normal or abnormal, based on specific parameters established by equipment manufacturers and industry standards. This process requires no contact with or shutdown of the equipment, thus allowing detection of any problems at the earliest stages. It also helps avoid costly, or even catastrophic, equipment failures.

Mechanical Survey

A condition and recommendations report is supplied for each exception found along with a location photograph and infrared image of the exception.

Refractory Survey

Roof moisture survey to identify locations of water damage. Allowing customer to repair only the areas of concern. Saving total roof replacement.

Building and New Construction to determine heat loss or water damage.

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