Field Services

PEMCo Predictive Technologies offers field services to assist you and your maintenance staff with dynamic balancing to precision laser alignments - we are here for you.

Dynamic Balancing
Unbalance is the most common source of machine faults in rotating masses (i.e. fans, pumps, motors, chucks and spindles). Field balancing is the most economical method to correct unbalance in a completely assembled machine. Occasionally rotating equipment, either through wear or loss of original balance weights.

PEMCo Predictive Technologies is available to rebalance equipment in the field. Machines that have access to the rotating assembly can often be balanced with little or no disassembly.

Precision Laser Alignment
Accurate alignment is essential in prolonging the life of a machine. Misalignment overloads bearings, causes excessive vibration, and is hard on machines, reducing overall reliability.

PEMCo can provide you more insight to the dynamics of our Corrective Action Field Services.


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